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Stony Brook University, Department of Ecology and Evolution, since Fall 2020

Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Dr. Tara Smiley

University of Oregon, Robert Donald Clark Honors College 

Graduated Spring 2020

B.S. in Biology (Emphasis in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

B.S. in Earth Sciences with Departmental Honors (Paleontology Track)

Advisors: Drs. Samantha Hopkins and Edward Davis





Teaching Assistant for the Department of Undergraduate Biology at Stony Brook University

BIO 383 Paleobiology, Spring 2022

BIO 114 Dinosaur Paleontology, Summer 2021 (online)

BIO 344 Chordate Zoology, Spring 2021 (online)

BIO 201 Organisms to Ecosystems, Fall 2020 (online)





2021   American Society of Mammalogists Virtual Meeting

2020   Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Virtual Meeting

2019   Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

2019   Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontology Conference, Eugene, OR

2018   Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM

2018   Undergraduate Research Symposium, Eugene, OR





University of Oregon Geology Field Camp, 2019

Volcanology (Newberry Volcano, OR)

Mapping (Dillon, MT) 

Paleontology (Mascall Formation and John Day Formation, OR)

NSF Grant "Mammal Diversification in relation to Dynamic Landscapes" Data collection and project meeting

Nevada and California

PI: Catherine Badgley, Co-PIs: Edward Davis and Brett Riddle, 2019

Fossil collection on the Oregon Coast, Willamette Valley, and the John Day Fossil Beds, 2018-2020

Oregon Abroad: Biology and Geology Research, 2017

Malheur Field Station, OR

PIs: Bitty Roy and Josh Roering





2019   Walter Youngquist Research Fellowship Award                            $5,000                                      

2019   Geology Emeritus Faculty Tribute Award                                      $1,000  

2019   Paleontological Society Student Ambassador Grant                   $1,000                                      

2019   Geological Society of America On to the Future Grant               $500                 

2018   Robert D. Clark Honors College Thesis Research Grant              $1,000

2018   Museum of Natural and Cultural History Best Poster Award       $300





2020-present     Department of Ecology and Evolution: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

2020-2021          Sternberg Museum Middle School Paleontology Camp Instructor

2018-2020          IgDEAS (Inclusivity and Gender Diversity in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences) Leadership

2018-2020          Museum of Natural and Cultural History “Museum Family Day” Activity Organizer

2018-2019          AVID Middle School Paleontology Workshop Leader

2018-2019          Mad Duck Science Fridays Middle School Paleontology Workshop Leader

2017-2019          Biology, Marine Biology, and General Science Academic Advisor





since 2020       American Society of Mammalogists

since 2019       The Paleontological Society

since 2019       Geological Society of America

since 2018       Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

since 2018       Sigma Gamma Epsilon: National Honors Society for the Earth Sciences





R Studio data analysis and visualization

Taking photos with DinoLite and DSLR cameras

CT Scan processing in 3DSlicer and GeoMagic

Landmarking images in TPSdig

Measuring specimens in ImageJ

Collecting, preparing, and cataloging fossils

Specimen dissection

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